Our Mission:
“To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

Our Vision:
Building authentic connections in Christ, community, and creation

Camp Penn continues its 70+ year tradition of being a special place in the woods for young people to grow in Christ, or meet Him for the first time. As Directors, we are committed to the safety of the camping program through review of industry and volunteer best practices and through physical upkeep of our historic facility.

We understand that parents are under enormous pressure to determine the best use of their children’s time, even during the summer months. We believe that it is essential to healthy childhood development for children to have a safe place to have fun, be themselves and take a break from the pressures of daily life. At Camp Penn we maintain that safe place by equipping our counselors with safe sanctuaries training, and focusing on growth moments that arise through play, fun, and social interaction. Most importantly, all of our programs, leadership, and decision making are Christ-centered as we continue our vision of building authentic connections in Christ, community, and creation.

We hope you will join us this summer at Camp Penn for a week full of fun and spiritual growth.

Yours in Christ,

Samuel "Sam" Richardson
The Camp Penn Center Director