Q. Is financial assistance available?
A. Yes! We do offer a limited number of partial camperships ranging from 10 to 50 % of the fee. As well, there are many other resources available. Check with your local church and district office for available camper funds. Each of these options has their own deadlines and eligibility requirements. It is best to inquire as early as possible if you know of a camper who will need financial assistance to attend camp.
Q. May I phone in a registration?
A. No, but there are two options for registration. First, you may register on-line at www.susumcamps.org with a credit card payment or e-check payment. Second, you may mail in a paper application with a check or money-order. Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis and once a camp is closed, it is closed. On-line registrations are confirmed on the day they are received. Paper applications will be processed in the order they are received and as we are able to do so, depending on the volume of paper applications and other camp responsibilities.
Q. How will I know my camper is registered for their requested session?
A. When you apply for a camp session, it is very important that you include an e-mail address that works and that you check often. We will e-mail your confirmation to this address once your camper has been registered for a session. Please print legibly the e-mail address to ensure that it is not entered incorrectly and so that the confirmation e-mail does not bounce back when we send it. If no e-mail address is supplied, you will receive written confirmation in the mail.
Q. May a camper request a bunkmate?
A. In most cases, a camper can request one or two bunkmates for their week. This decision is left up to the Deans of each camp. Bunkmates must be in the same age-level group and of the same gender. Bunkmate requests are not guaranteed. Assignments are generally made the week before the campers arrive. Campers involved must request each other on the camper registration form.
Q. If I am registered for an event, may I change to another one?
A. Yes, if there is an opening in the event you want to change to. Call the Camping Office (717)-766-7395 to request a change or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Q. May I register for an event in an age level other than the one that I should?
A. No. Program content is designed to be appropriate for a specific age group. An attempt is made to stay faithful to the age level so that campers don't have an unhappy time dealing with activities that are not designed for their developmental level.
Q. What happens if I register for camp and cannot attend?
A. You must notify the Camping Office immediately in order to get a refund. Full refunds are given up to two weeks before the start of camp, subject to a $50 processing fee. Cancellations within the two weeks prior to the event are only refunded in cases of documented medical concern or death in the family which prohibits attendance. In order to receive this refund, the Camping Office must be notified immediately of any accident or illness, followed by a written request with an accompanying doctor's excuse within one week. No refunds will be made for any reason after the start of the camp event.
Q. How are the fees for summer camp used?
A. The fees charged for summer camp are used to cover the operating expenses of the camp. The fee covers expenses like: food, food service staff, lifeguards, trained resource staff, camper accident insurance, program supplies, lodging, utilities, and routine maintenance.
Q. What does a camper do at a Susquehanna Conference Summer Camp?
A. Each week of camp is unique, but all have similar features. All camps provide a wide variety of activities such as swimming, athletics, Bible Study, worship, hikes, boating, nature study, and more. A paid summer staff works together with weekly volunteers to create an environment of faith and fellowship. Every program will take advantage of the natural surroundings, develop a community, and worship God in a Christian camping setting.
Q. Should a camper bring money to camp?
A. Crafts and snacks are included in the price for all of our camps. Camp Penn does offer extra crafts and snacks for a fee.  Each site has a camp store where items may be purchased on the opening or closing day.
Q. Can a camper come late or leave early?
A. We encourage campers to be present for their entire camp session. We understand that situations arise and allowances can be made to accommodate a camper who must arrive late or leave early. We must have notification on our Check-Out Form for any planned early check-outs so your camper will be ready when you arrive. If someone other than the parent or legal guardian is picking up a camper, we must have the consent of the parent or legal guardian. A picture ID must be presented to check-out a camper. No partial refunds will be made for late check-ins or early check-outs.
Q. Why can't campers receive or make phone calls?
A. With several types of camps often operating at the same time, we can have over 100 people on site. With activities planned from the time campers arrive to the time they leave, it would be highly disruptive to all campers to stop the group for a few to make or take phone calls. As well, if we allowed campers to call home or parents to check in throughout the week, we'd be undermining their potential to grow over the course of the camp session. Parents are encouraged to write letters which the campers receive at mail call. Campers are encouraged to write home.
Q. What about homesickness?
A. A very important goal of our camping program is a sense of community throughout the camp session. This leads to new friendships, self-expression, and self-confidence in our campers. On occasion, this doesn't happen within the first day or so. A big concern for parents is obviously homesickness. According to a groundbreaking study by psychologist and camping proponent Chris Thurber, 83% of the campers studied (ages 8-16) reported homesickness for at least one day of camp. The important thing for parents, campers, and staff to remember is that homesickness is a natural feeling and can be overcome in almost all instances. When a camper overcomes their homesickness and stays for the remainder of the camp session, they feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence that will positively influence their ability to overcome other obstacles in life. For more on how to plan for this possibility, visit www.campparents.org.
Q. As a parent, where can I find more resources to help me prepare for my child's time at summer camp?
A. The American Camp Association has a great on-line resource for parents choosing a summer camp and preparing their kids for this experience. Visit www.campparents.org. If this FAQ page has not answered all of your questions specific to Susquehanna Conference Summer Camps, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (717) 766-7395.